About us

We are a consulting company that specialises only in PRICING .

Our mission is to increase the profit of our customers by optimising prices.

We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts in the field of pricing, revenue management, sales, psychology and behavioural economics.

We support our customers in the B2B and B2C sectors through: price analyses and research, consultancy in the field of: pricing strategies, price logic design, setting optimal prices and pricing models, effective price communication and promotions.

We research and model – as in a laboratory – how to optimally adjust prices to the perceived value of products and services as well as to changing market conditions and customer expectations.

In our pricing projects, we use a wide range of sources of information about prices, i.e. customer research, numerical analysis of historical data, price experiments and we help our customers to implement a similar comprehensive approach to pricing.

Don’t waste any more money because of the wrong pricing!

Contact us, we will help you to use PRICING to increase your margin and influence the acceptance of prices by customers.

The only reference that is important to us is the increase in your profit!

We help our clients earn more from their prices

Thanks to the price research and workshops with pricingLAB, we have better understood how customers perceive the value and prices of Michelin products. This knowledge is invaluable for making decisions on product development strategies.

Elżbieta Peda
Truck Product Line Marketing Director in ECN Michelin

Price research and consultations with pricingLAB have helped us to set the prices of our products according to the unique value we offer to our customers.

Artur Węgłowski
CEO of Farmio S.A.

PricingLAB recommendations regarding pricing methods based on the price sensitivity of products and customer segmentation contributed to a significant increase in profit in our company.

Mirosław Szydłowski
President of the Management Board of PBS Connect Polska

Do not lose money because of the wrong pricing!